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BandAids November 9, 2012

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I wanted to share with you something that God has been doing in my life.  A few monthss back someone from our former church called my husband & began to talk bad about me, to him, telling him- he needed to get me to stop saying things on facebook.  After this person brought it to my husband’s attention, I showed him the things written.  He didn’t see a problem with anything that was said.  I began to pray quite a bit about it.  Then, I issued my facebook friends an apology.   It was after this that God really began speaking to me during my prayer time.  I was so angry at this person for calling my husband.  I felt if the person cared at all about me, this person should have called me.

One day, while praying, God used this person to teach me the importance of edifying others.  He also showed me that I was looking at the situation through my hurt eyes….& I needed to look at things through His eyes.  When we see things through our hurt, we aren’t seeing things the way they truly are.  He reminded me to keep myself in check & to make sure I am looking at each situation through His eyes.

I am a visual learner….He even gave me a very visual image.  It was my body covered in wounds & each wound has a bandaid that He lovingly placed over them, so that the wound may heal.  Some bandaids, I could maybe  peel off & the wound is completely healed…others are in the healing process.  We all have some sort of hurt, sometimes it may be covered with a bandaid, awaiting healing & we are unaware of it.  The point, all wounds take time to heal.  Some hurt deeply, others may not be felt at all, but are still visible.  When we look at things through our hurt we tend to not give any mercy.  I am so thankful that He shows me mercy, but I am sometimes not as willing to show others mercy.  Yes, I am loving, caring, sympathetic…..but when I reach a certain point I just walk away & don’t look back, or I shut down & become numb.  This is an area He is working on me.

You see, everything we experience He has allowed to happen.  He has allowed this so that we may grow & learn some new wisdom.  We are NEVER too grown or too wise….there is ALWAYS room for improvement.  Yes, He loves us right where we are, but He loves us even more by still showing us mercy & continuing to allow us the opportunity to become more like Him.  I am thankful that I am still worthy of a BandAid.


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